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Wellness and Rejuvenation

Genesis Advanced BioScience is a world-class life science pioneer of natural healing, anti-aging, performance optimization, wellness and rejuvenation.

  • Our advanced laboratory of renowned scientists focuses on cutting edge science.

  • Our patented breakthrough formulas have been clinically proven for over 20 years.

  • Our products are guaranteed for purity, freshness and potency.

Genesis Advanced BioScience breakthrough technology includes Co-E1 Spark™ and Fortizel™.

Co-E1 Spark

Co-E1 Spark™ provides energy at the cellular level. Assists in mental clarity , brain function and longevity.


Fortizel™ with Augmentsodine™ is the premiere anti-aging, immune and cellular system fortifier. Normalizes cell function to assist in Apoptosis.

Product Guide

Brain FunctionCo-E1 Spark™
Energy at Cellular Level co-e1-spark
EnergyCo-E1 Spark™
Energy at Cellular Level co-e1-spark
Wellness & RejuvenationCo-E1 Spark™
Energy at Cellular Level co-e1-spark
Immune SystemFortizel™
Cellular System Fortifier
Cellular System Fortifier energy-man